Victoria and Isabella – Coaching Vicky

Pet newbie Victoria is wet and ready for some special doggy training!


On the premise of visiting a sick relative, pet newbie Victoria has slipped off to try her hand at dog mating. A little afternoon delight, provded by ZDT, ZDT’s assistant Isabella, and of course, superstud Sam. Like all ZDT’s Ladies, Victoria is a great looking, well proportioned young Latina Lady, tall and curvy, and Sam seems more than ready to show her the ropes.


There is some great chit-chat and dialogue throughout the movie (subtitles added). It’s a playful session, with Isabella getting to know Victoria, finding out what she does, and what motivates her to try dog sex for the first time. Isabella asks if she is ready to give it a try, and Victoria says yes.


Victoria is a little shy, but that does not stand in the Ladys way. She parts her sexy thighs, and flashes her panties at Sam. Sam appreciates the gesture, but is a little keen and wants to get down to some loving. Isabella instructs Victoria on the correct positions for dog mating. Being new, the Lady is a bit unsure of exactly what to do, but Isabella guides her, and soon enough, Sam is pumping into Victorias very cute pussy with a passion. Our new Lady experiences her first doggy penetration, and Sam slowly swells inside her as he locks her with a good hard knot.


Victoria plays with her button while Sams swollen cock locks the lovers tightly together. Being held love-hostage with a hard fist of dog cock, is a bit scary for any new Lady. Even so, Victoria takes it very nicely and gives herself fully to Sam, as he explodes inside her.


I suspect Sam is a bit pissed that Kujo is on his patch, and got to fuck the delicious Monica – who up until then, had been one of his private doggy harem. With that, the knot he sinks into Victoria really means business. The couple are locked together for nearly 10 minutes before Sams spent tool slips out of that pretty pussy, followed by a trickle – then a gush of fresh dog sperm. Seems the Lady feels as good as she looks ? And the dog jizz running down and soaking Victorias panties, is a nice touch.


A short break, then it’s back to coaching Vicky for a second session. Sam has already gotten his second wind and is ready for action once again. This time, the lovers get it on, doggystyle, on the floor. As usual, Sam does not disappoint, slipping into Victorias tight wet vagina and working the Ladys body, before sinking a second hard knot into her. Vicky is certainly getting the full initiation today! This time Sam is a bit impatient, and tries to pull his knot out before he’s properly satisfied, causing Victoria to panic a bit. But, Sam settles back down and leaves his knot partially buried in the Ladys sweet sex.


Eventually the lovers uncouple once again. Ever the gentleman, Sam cleans off any excess doggy jizz that leaked out of the Lady. Thwarting Sams plans to leave Victoria well bred and tidy, Isabella notices he is still shooting, and asks Vicky to present her boobs for our Hero to cum over. I have to say, Victorias big brown nipples look great coated in dog jizz.


Well bathed with dog sperm – inside and out – we can imagine Victoria getting knowing looks from neighborhood dogs on her stroll home after her session. But that would be another story


Another nice introduction movie from ZDT, with nice looking Ladies and good action in 2 sessions. It’s great to see some dialogue in a pet movie, reading the subtitles reminds me of the old ‘Dog Tricks’ era movies with Wilma. The girl-talk shared between Victoria and Isabella as Sam is locked up in his latest lover, is quite endearing. Lets hope that Vicky now has a taste for doggylove and wants more. Great work, ZDT and Isabella did an excellent job coaching Vicky – with more than a little help from Sam of course. Enjoy


Producer: ZDT
Scene: Coaching Vicky
Models: Victoria and Isabella with Sam
File: mp4
Size: 2380 MB
Duration: 00:48:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

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